Crack the Pleasure Code Three Keys to Sensational Sex for High Performing Women

Awaken Your Orgasmic Potential 

Four Keys to Sensational Sex

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Do you desire to:

  •  Unleash your inner wild in the bedroom
  •  Empower yourself with techniques to come alive inside 
  • Form a more loving connection to your body and your partner

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In this four part series you will learn:  

  • The main blocks to feeling liberated in the bedroom and how to overcome them 
  • Unique tips to increase pleasure in your body that you won’t find in magazines like Cosmo 
  • A technique to support you in connecting deeply to your body as well as your partner 


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Hi I'm Stacy Michelle

I am a Speaker and Sexual Empowerment to conscious women around the world. I spent almost twenty years working for top tier investment banks and advising c-suite executives on executing multi-million dollar transactions. I had it all on the outside and was severely disconnected from my body and my orgasm on the inside. 

My profound journey to overcome childhood sexual trauma and reclaim my orgasm has led me on a mission to empower women on a similar path. Women who crave to reconnect to their bodies so they can have sensational sex with or without a partner.  

When I am not empowering women with tools to have epic sex, I enjoy hiking, yoga, hugging trees and conscious dance in the beautiful city of Vancouver. I have been featured in MindBodyGreen and the Boston Business Journal.  

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